Milnamow and Jahans Family History

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This website shows the history of the Milnamow, Jahans and related families with the purpose of sharing the research with our relatives all over the world.

The Milnamows originally came from Ireland and many of them emigrated to the United States of America.

The Jahans originally came from a European country, possibly the Netherlands and they settled in India to become part of the Anglo-Indian community. Eventually many left India to settle in England, Canada and Australia.

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Some of the families and surnames included in this site

Related to the Milnamow Family we have: McCormick, Wallace, Cain, Feeny, McGarry, Farrell, McGoey, and McNally.

Related to the Jahans Family we have: Powell, Chambers, Keane, McCourt, Barnes, MacKenzie, McDermot, Walton, McCarthy, Brown, Phillips, Bracey, Lindsey, North, Crawley, Collins, Isaac, Skaith and Tekell.

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