Milnamow and Jahans

Family History



This web site shows the history of the Milnamow and Jahans families with the purpose of sharing the research with our relatives all over the world. It also includes families connected to us.

The Milnamows originally came from Ireland and many of them emigrated to America.

The Jahans originally came from a European Country possibly the Netherlands and they settled in India. They became part of the Anglo-Indian community. Eventually, many left India to settle in England, Canada, and Australia.

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Pippa and Michael


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Some of the main Surnames on this site:

For the Milnamow family: Cain, Feeny, McGarry, Farrell,
McGoey, McNally, McCormick, and Wallace.

For the Jahans family: Powell, Keane, McCourt, Chambers,
Barnes, MacKenzie, McDermot, Walton, McCarthy, Brown, Phillips
Bracey, Lindsey, North, Crawley, Collins, Isaac, Skaith and Tekell.



August 2015 - Powell family - Brown and Burnell

                     Lindsey family - Jackson

September - Jahans family - changes and additions re Mary Ann Sophia
                   Jahans, Caroline Letitia Jahans, Edith Constance Cockey                     Jahans and John Kerr.


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